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Ready to let go of that old school management style? 🔥

Over the years, I’ve honed in my focus on one emerging #leadership model called shared-leadership, which many argue is the leadership #science of the #future 🔥 Besides being strongly linked to increased group performance, shared-leadership has been known to boost employee satisfaction!

Effective #leaders for today’s and tomorrow’s #flexible workforce have to continuously learn and adapt for overcoming ever changing and challenging business dynamics, much like how pilots use the OODA Loop framework (observe, orient, decide, act) to rapidly gather information and apply to maintain competitive #advantage up in the air 💥💥💥💥(OODA in itself merits a different discussion). This includes learning and knowing when might be best to get out of the way and let others in their teams step up to get it done!

With shared-leadership, formal leaders unleash the collective power of their teams by sharing their power and developing everyone around them as #leaders. Unlike in traditional top-down leadership models, the following behaviors, factors, and conditions are typically observed in shared-leadership work settings:

✅ Surrendered top down control

✅ Empowered group members

✅ Efficient knowledge-sharing

✅ Agile decision making

✅ Fluid and transparent communication

✅ Fostered trust and psychological safety

✅ Encouragement and support for step-up behaviors

✅ Harnessed and leveraged expertise from individual contributors

✅ Horizontal and organically emerging leadership behaviors across workgroups

Though empirical data shows that shared-leadership is ideal for most high-performing groups, there is one key ingredient for most of these collective behaviors to develop which is 💥 #trust 🔥

One challenge is that intrinsic trust is mostly developed over time. For those that have observed and experienced Tuckman’s team development phases (forming, storming, norming, performing, adjourning), trust development is perhaps the most important antecedent to ideal team #performance!

Whether the goal is to develop shared-leadership or not, the more trust and favorable collective behaviors and conditions like collaboration 💥, communication 💥, cohesiveness 💥, mutual submission 💥, openness to experimentation💥, information sharing 💥, transparency💥, #flexibility 💥, and #empathy in work groups, the faster these will get to #crushing it 🚀

All of these can be planned and trained for💡

When ready for next-gen #leadershipdevelopment #training and tailored #learning / #elearning programs, reach out to explore options!

I would like to recommend the audiobook Likability: The Secret Sauce to Leadership Influence, a great book by Rick Forbus, PhD, where he kindly included excerpts of my writings in Chapter 11: "Be a Power Releaser" 💥

Leaders make more leaders ❤️‍🔥

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